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Another problem with the sv4000 is in the software.When manually editing transponder frequencies, sometimes the changes will take, other times they will not. Manually adjusting transponder frequencies seems to be necessary to correct frequency drift in the weak sv4000 receiver.

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Perhaps one of the best features is the ability to flash the unit using a USB Thumbdrive, eliminating the need to connect the unit to a PC with a legacy serial cable.

That version has several known bugs and the satellite list is out of date.

It is recommended that you flash your unit with the latest software.

NETGEAR Pro SUPPORT services are available to supplement your technical support and warranty entitlements.

Sonicview 4000 is a free to air fta satellite receiver like pansat viewsat coolsat fortec receivers.

Sonicview 4k supports 10 satellites and up to 600 channels.

It has PIG zoom in and out function for watching and captrueing the screen.

Sonicview 4000 is designed for USA or Canada with a Muti-Picture and Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and Simple Video Converter.

Made in KOREA and comes with a 1 Year Manufacture Warranty for Sonicview 4000 USB.

This is not a recommended receiver due to its weak reception properties.

When compared to other receivers, the sv4000 is unable to pull in channels from transponders off of the same dish and wiring.