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Of: Romania Age: 27 Prince was given the title of "Royal Highness" on his 25th birthday.He is the eldest grandson of former King Michael of Romania and third in line to the now defunct Romanian throne.

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His parties are a major affair and have seen celebs like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johansson, Janet Jackson and Diana Ross attending his numerous parties.However, it not just partying that has the prince's attention. For any girl who marries him, life will definitely be one big party!Of: Luxemborg Age: 27 Price Felix of Luxembourg is considered to be one of the hottest princes around the world apart from being extremely eligible too.There has always been something extremely fascinating about young royals.Whether it's their blue blood, their rich lineage, their pleasing demeanour, or the air of mystery surrounding them, everything about them is very alluring to 'commoners'.

The kind of adulation these royals receive cannot be matched even by Hollywood celebs.While royals like Prince William of Wales and King Jigme Khesar Wangchuck of Bhutan broke millions of hearts by tying the knot, the following princes are still basking in the glory of their bachelorhood.These are the world's top 10 hottest and the most eligible princes.Of: Italy Age: 39 What is more attractive than a man who wishes to become successful by dint of his hardwork rather than because of some high sounding title.Despite coming from Italy's best-known families, Prince Lorenzo has never been too eager to carry the baggage of his royal title.He has worked hard for his success as an entrepreneur and has never wished to just waste away his life in the glory of his royal title.