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Prosecutors in Cleveland have released a video that shows a man retrieving a gun hidden in the back seat of a park ranger's cruiser and shooting her in her bulletproof vest before being fatally shot in an underground police parking garage.The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office released excerpts of two video recordings Tuesday after announcing that the fatal shooting in December of Derek Stokes, 33, by two Cleveland Metroparks rangers was justified.Stokes was killed at the bottom of a ramp inside a garage beneath Cleveland police headquarters, where the rangers planned to book him.

The video shows the inside of the patrol car and Stokes on the back seat as the car takes fire Stokes was patted down and placed in the back seat of Mc Lellan's cruiser.

That's when investigators think Stokes removed a pistol from one of his boots and hid it beneath the back seat of the cruiser.

Killed in shootout: Officials say Derek Stokes, 33, shot ranger Chelsea Mc Lellan in her bulletproof vest from the back of the police car.

Tila Tequila, a former reality TV star whose existence most people have forgotten, is back with a xenophobic vengeance.

Her one-sided Twitter battle against Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman has the interwebs buzzing - and it only represents a minute fraction of her offensive, gay-bashing, racist, Nazi-loving social media presence.

If you’re wondering who is the most popular person at a wedding, be assured it’s not the bride or the groom, but the person toting the bottle of whiskey.

At a wedding, most people (bride, groom, and guest alike) have two things on their mind: Try not to cry too much during the ceremony and have fun at the reception.

Both can require a bit of liquid fortitude, hence the popularity of the whiskey bearer.

To prove that status, someone attached a Go Pro camera to a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and let it loose at a wedding.

What was captured on the camera is exactly what anyone who has been a regular on the wedding circuit would expect: Lots and lots of shots by people in their Sunday best, chugging straight from the bottle, no chaser required.

Whatever it takes to toast the happy couple, right?