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A development of the TOG I design, only a single prototype was built before the project was dropped.

The second design to come out of the Special Vehicle Development Committee (nicknamed "The Old Gang" as it was made up of people who had worked on the original British tanks of the First World War) the TOG 2 was similar to the TOG 1 and kept many of its features.

The design included a 6-pounder gun and side sponsons.

Initially fitted with a mockup turret with a dummy gun, in 1942 it was given a turret that was under development for the Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger tank design with the QF 17-pounder (76.2 mm) gun.

The turret "in modified form" was used on the Challenger. Although equipped with the same electro-mechanical drive as originally fitted to the TOG 1, the TOG 2 used twin generators and no problems were reported.

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Find out more about specifications, rates and copy deadlines.Find out who to contact if you have enquiries about submitting a manuscript or the status of a manuscript in review. a unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of insulation of a fabric, garment, quilt, etc.The tog-value of an article is equal to ten times the temperature difference between its two faces, in degrees Celsius, when the flow of heat across it is equal to one watt per m management board said, "If prospects on these blocks prove to contain commercial quantities of oil and gas, it will contribute to the continued economic growth of Senegal, helping create new jobs for Senegalese people, provide additional taxes and royalties to fund government programs, and reduce the country's reliance on imported energy supplies .The Tank, Heavy, TOG II* was a prototype British tank design produced in the early part of the Second World War in case the battlefields of northern France devolved into a morass of mud, trenches and craters as had happened during the First World War.When this did not happen the tank was deemed unnecessary and the project terminated.