Toucher and rich dating on demand

Gambling started hosting mornings on WOR in 1925, his son John A. Gambling retired from WOR in December of 2013 but later joined WNYM.

WNYM general manager Jerry Crowley tells , “His grandfather is often credited with inventing talk radio, his dad was # 1 in all radio ratings surveys and John somehow transitioned that genre to contemporary talk radio with a right-of-center view but absolutely never ticked a guest off. Radio listeners knew this and appreciated his insightful, courtly way of conducting major league interviews and his amazing insights.

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John was great in every way and we will all miss his calming, dulcet tones.” Dave Ramsey Kicks Off the Fall Tour in Dallas.

It’s the fall “Smart Money” tour, to be more precise.

Nationally syndicated talk radio superstar and best-selling author Dave Ramsey brought his fall edition of his ongoing live event tour to a sold-out crowd in Dallas yesterday (9/15) at First Baptist Church Dallas.

It’s been a long time but, today Dating On Demand returned to Toucher & Rich.

The cable companies find people looking for love and film their answers to questions.

The guy they found for today is named Daniel and he’s 19. Ladies take a listen to all this guy has to offer because he really wants to date you.

BOSTON (CBS) — Every hopeless romantic’s favorite segment, “Dating on Demand,” is back.

Toucher & Rich took a look at the infamous Comcast program, and it’s safe to say there’s no better place to find love.

Out of the many qualified suitors, Toucher & Rich narrowed it down to two: Maximilian and Ryan. I, uh, work at a gas station,” boasted the first confident bachelor.

Ryan appeared to enjoy country music and didn’t have much to say about himself. I’m a chill dude,” declared the confident 26-year-old. I’m just a chill dude, and like, what’s up.” Ryan’s also very proud of his “calf game.” Who doesn’t appreciate a good calf game?

Gambling Retires from WNYM, New York ‘AM 970 The Answer.’ The Gambling name is legendary in New York radio history – John B. Now, the third Gambling is announcing his retirement from his radio show on Salem Media Group’s WNYM, New York “AM 970 The Answer.” Gambling told his listeners at the start of today’s program ( am ET) that he’s been dealing with problems recuperating from a broken knee cap that is hastening his decision to step down.