Two of my friends are dating

Most of the kids at the party were ages 2-3, so it seemed silly to organize a bunch of games.

As an ardent fan of ready-made metaphors, as well as of cats, Swift was excited by this. Half of my brain was going, ' We should be able to take a picture if we want to.

"My first reaction was, ' Did you take a picture? That guy is asking for it – he's got a cat on his head!

' But the other half was going, ' What if he just wants to walk around with a cat on his head, and not have his picture taken all day?

So this post is a few months late, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share Avery’s 2nd Birthday party with y’all.

I’m still in denial that I have a two year old, although the daily tantrums, sassy attitude and new found sense of independence seem to remind me every day that in fact, I now live with a two year old.

Despite her crazy attitude some days, gosh, she is so darn funny!

She keeps us laughing all day long with the things that she says or the funny antics that she’ll do.

She LOVES animals, and loves to snuggle our two cats and our dog, and will often look at me and tell me that they are “so cute! She loves to sing songs, and especially loves to sing “Old Mc Donald’s Farm,” so a farm birthday party was a perfect fit for our animal loving girl.

I had high hopes for elaborate decorations to fit the farm theme, but first trimester exhaustion hit hard, and I scratched a lot of the décor plans off my list.

I got some red ginham fabric to use to table overlays, made some easy food placecards to label the food, bought some farm animal die-cuts off of Etsy, and grabbed some cow balloons the morning of the party and called it a day.

The invites came from Etsy as well, and were printed at a local print shop.