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In addition, check this site for information about supported management and backup agents before installing ESXi or v Center Server.The v Sphere Client and the v Sphere Web Client are packaged with the v Center Server and modules ZIP file.

You should back up the Inventory Service database as part of your regular v Center Server database administration.To move the Inventory Service database to a different host machine, back up the database on the source machine and restore the database on the destination machine as described in the v Sphere Installation and Setup documentation.The Guest OS Customization Support Matrix provides details about the guest operating systems supported for customization.v Center Server 5.1 Update 1a | | Build 1123961 v Center Server 5.1 Update 1a Installation Package | | Build 1123966 v Center Server Appliance 5.1 Update 1a | | Build 1123965 Last updated: 13 March 2014 Check for additions and updates to these release notes.v Center Server 5.1 Update 1 has been removed from the VMware download site due to issues encountered when logging in to v Center Server 5.1 Update 1 with domain credentials.

v Center Server 5.1 Update 1 is replaced by v Center Server 5.1 Update 1a, which is functionally identical to v Center Server 5.1 Update 1 and resolves the issue encountered when logging in to v Center Server 5.1 Update 1 in a set up where the v Center Server login domain user account is associated with a large number of domain groups and multiple domains are configured as SSO identity sources.

See KB 2050941 and the Resolved Issues section of the release notes for more information.

Features and known issues of v Center Server 5.1 are described in the release notes for each release.

To view release notes for earlier releases of v Center Server 5.1, click the following links: For virtual machines whose MAC addresses need to remain unique, for example, for licensing reasons, you must validate the MAC addresses against the MAC address requirements and restrictions in this release before upgrading.

In your upgrade plans, take into account the detected potential issues that the new requirements and restrictions might cause.

The VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and previous versions of VMware v Sphere components, including ESXi, VMware v Center Server, the v Sphere Web Client, and optional VMware products.