Slut dates in oregon Updating a meade 497 controller

Accesories for precision Polar Alignment and Star alignment with your Meade ETX-70AT, ETX-90EC, ETX-125EC, Meade ETX-105EC and ETX-125EC.Precision Polar Alignment and Star Alignment requires that your Meade 882 883 884 field tripod is properly leveled to assure precision GOTO of your Meade 494 495 497 Autostar.Meade 541 546 AC power adapter is perfect all Meade ETX telescopes.

The Meade ETX telescope can be control from a PC with a Meade #505 serial RS-232 cable with the Meade 494 495 497 Autostar.

Hi Have an Older 8" LX200GPS With Autostar II Hand Controller.

I need to update the Autostar II Hand Controller But my new lap top dose not have an RS232 Adapter Just USB, old computer I was using for updates is dead.

What adapter or new cable will I need to update the Autostar II Hand Controller. I am more familiar with the Audiostar controller installed on my LX200 classic.

It is a totally different handset than the Autostar II you have on your scope. That is what I use for serial for both my Windows machines as well as on my Mac.

Check and make sure all the cabling and drivers are working to control the telescope prior to using it to update.

But first browse through this forum and contrast your actual need for an update on your hardware to the trials others have faced doing the same. Meade is not the best at software/updates and on some of their hardware, like the Audiostar controller, you can actually turn it into a paperweight if something goes wrong.

And the bad thing about the Autostar II is that the controller isn't in the handset.

So, make sure you know your serial port adaptor works properly before attempting to do anything else with it.

I've had no problems with the Meade Autostar updater, but many have.

Instead, most people use Andrew Johansen's (Oz Andrew J) tools to get up to the latest version you might need instead of using the Meade utilities.