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I have just recently installed Cent OS on my little server box.

I have tried removing Java JRE 7 manually, downloading an rpm, and using I read about some urban legend that Eclipse is not compatible with Open JDK, so I went for the superstitious approach and chose Oracle's JDK.

But this has got nothing to do with this question, I admit.

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Most Of My Servers runs on Open Source Platform called Linux.

I figured I would ask this here since a lot of VPS systems use Centos.I know the UPCP script from WHM/Cpanel is like an all update type script.Do you still need to use YUM to update local packages as well too or does the UPCP script take care of all that?The c Panel upcp process performs a few different types of updates, one being your System Software (if you have it configured to do so).It is essentially the same as running "yum update", though not necessarily everything is updated (new kernels are not installed, for instance) so you will still need to perform a "yum update" when those types of updates are available.As with Fedora Core 2, Cent OS comes with all of the tools you need to accomplish this.