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A cookbook template is an Embedded Ruby (ERB) template that is used to dynamically generate static text files.Templates may contain Ruby expressions and statements, and are a great way to manage configuration files.

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An expression is delimited by parameter and in the node object are evaluated.

The chef-client then passes these variables to the template, where they will be accessible as instance variables within the template.

The node object can be accessed just as if it were part of a recipe, using the same syntax.

For example, a simple template resource like this: A cookbook is frequently designed to work across many platforms and is often required to distribute a specific template to a specific platform.

A cookbook can be designed to support the distribution of templates across platforms, while ensuring that the correct template ends up on each system.

The pattern for template specificity depends on two things: the lookup path and the source.The first pattern that matches is used: The chef-client caches a template when it is first requested.On each subsequent request for that template, the chef-client compares that request to the template located on the Chef server. A template can be built in a way that allows it to contain references to one (or more) smaller template files.(These smaller template files are also referred to as partials.) A partial can be referenced from a template file in one of the following ways: that will be made available to the partial template file.Vernon Erb was determined to be a truck driver, despite his father’s wishes that he continue his schooling. Then, in 1956, he was hired by Sindall Transport in New Hamburg, as a local and long distance driver, gaining valuable experience on the road.As time passed, he felt that trucking was his life.