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Make sure this is “64 kilobytes” for SD Cards and “32 kilobytes” for USB Devices. If you don’t do this, DIOS MIOS will NOT be able to read SD Remix’s game data.Next, download this file: the file and you’ll see three folders (apps, dml, and wads) plus one at the root.

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Your SD Card or USB device should now have an “apps” folder, a “wads” folder, and the file from the zip file. On Windows 7 and up, you can go to the start menu and type in “Command Prompt” to get to it.Now the dml folder should be copied to your C:\ drive. Okay, remember that Melee ISO you legally obtained? It’ll look like this in Windows 7: Select “Command Prompt” to open it.In the Command Prompt, type in Example: I have a Melee ISO called “ssbm.iso”, so on this step, I would type in: “gcreex -x ssbm.iso”.This guide supports SD card or USB drive installation.Melee: SD Remix can also run off a burned disc and even the Dolphin emulator, but those methods aren’t covered in this guide.

This guide assumes you are using a Nintendo Wii (with Gamecube backwards compatibility) to run SD Remix and that you ALREADY have Homebrew Channel installed.If you don’t go here for instructions on how to install the Homebrew Channel.It also assumes you’ve never installed any c IOS onto your Wii.If you have, then you probably don’t need to consult this in the first place.What you need prior to the instructions outlined in the guide: If you haven’t already, back-up your files on the: SD card and reformat it to FAT with file allocation at 64kb. or USB device reformat it to FAT32 with file allocation at 32kb. To reformat on Windows, connect your SD Card or USB device, go to “Computer” and right click your SD Card or USB device. The window should look like this: The part circled in red is your file system, which is either FAT or FAT32 (if your SD Card does not support FAT, you can use FAT32, as long as you use the correct Allocation Unit Size).The part circled in green is your file allocation size.