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Even if users correctly enter an integer, for example, you might need to make sure that the value falls within a certain range. Integer("Credits must be an integer")); Validation. For example, here's what the page looks like if you forget to enter a course name, if you enter an , and if you enter an invalid date: By default, user input is validated after users submit the page — that is, the validation is performed in server code.Important Validating user input is also important for security. A disadvantage of this approach is that users don't know that they've made an error until after they submit the page.When you restrict the values that users can enter in forms, you reduce the chance that someone can enter a value that can compromise the security of your [email protected]{ var message=""; // Specify validation requirements for different fields. Require Field("coursename", "Class name is required"); Validation. If a form is long or complex, reporting errors only after the page is submitted can be inconvenient to the user.

In that case, the validation is performed as users work in the browser.For example, suppose you specify that a value should be an integer.If a user enters a non-integer value, the error is reported as soon as the user leaves the entry field.I'm a little confused by the apparently-interchangeable use of "Contact" and "Product".For example, you start off referring to the model as "Product" but then you have this: class Contact : IData Error Info And later you say "That completes our Contact model".

If you ask users to enter information in a page — for example, into a form — it's important to make sure that the values that they enter are valid.For example, you don't want to process a form that's missing critical information.When users enter values into an HTML form, the values that they enter are strings.In many cases, the values you need are some other data types, like integers or dates.Therefore, you also have to make sure that the values that users enter can be correctly converted to the appropriate data types.You might also have certain restrictions on the values. Range(1, 5, "Credits must be between 1 and 5")); Validation. Date Time("Start date must be a date")); if (Is Post) { // Before processing anything, make sure that all user input is valid. Is Valid()) { var coursename = Request["coursename"]; var credits = Request["credits"]. As Date Time(); message += @"For Class, you entered " + coursename; message += @" To see how validation works, run this page and deliberately make mistakes.