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This so-called signs and wonders movement is part of an effort to restore what they understood to be the five-fold ministry described in Ephesians .The proliferators of the movement claim that these dynamics are what is necessary for the church to have power.In actuality, those who lay claim to this ministry today are operating under a misunderstanding of apostles and prophets of the Bible.The Lord confirmed His signs to the apostles' words to show a transition of authority from Israel and its priesthood to the apostles who were laying down the foundation for the church, a new entity.This unique anointing testified to Israel and to the gentiles a new order of leadership, the demonstration of spiritual authority was transferred to the church Christ body.

Becoming aware of what the Bible says about these positions in the early church can help us guard against misleading teachings in the church today.

Validated by signs and miracles, the apostles deemed the faith for the whole Church and established the written word by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Once the scriptures were completed, the Church had all that was necessary in the area of revelational truth.

The apostles' instructions were in words, then put to paper for all succeeding generations on how to live in obedience to the faith. Yet today, not only do those who claim to be apostles fail to do so, but there are threats and manipulations for those who do not go along with what they are trying to portray.

'Jezebel,' 'Antichrist,' and 'Blasphemer of the Holy Spirit' are common terms used for those who speak against them.

Alarmingly, these impostors claim to be exclusively without error in their interpretations and teachings on these matters. In reading the letter of Jude, we find him exhorting the believers to contend for their faith among apostates in the church.