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Power, money, intelligence and the resultant confidence define the men of Wall Street.

Cutthroat brokers, bankers, and traders are exciting in the eyes of most women.

These girls go to Mutual to find a man with sexy determination, attitude, prowess and wealth.

Prowess and leadership in the workplace is evidence of a singularity of mind and a strength that a woman often seeks to balance her own delicate nature.She sees him through her starry eyes as an able provider. When she moves in the circles of her connected Wall Street man, a woman can promote herself, her causes, and her goals.Not only will she benefit with contacts, but she may meet another wealthy benefactor interested in helping her launch her career.Besides, when a woman sees a man with power, she cant help but imagine his bedroom manners: girls want a lover who can take the nighttime reigns.Men who have their hands in the stock market know how to manage their investments.

To a woman, this kind of savvy financial planning goes beyond providing for the present by promising a secure financial future.

Moreover, before a Sugar Baby becomes a golden wife by the Midas touch of her Sugar Daddy, she knows she will be financially stable with the monetary gifts her Wall Street Daddy is able to give to her.

Of course, a womans mind leaps beyond the simple security of food and shelter, but also to diamonds and pearls.

A woman is attracted to not only the comfort but also the luxury a Wall Street man is sure to bring to a relationship.

A man versed in the ways of Wall Street is no dummy; he is intelligent in handling finances and people alike.

Part of the attraction of a Wall Street man is the stability promised by his stance as a wise father figure.