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The whole scene was summed up best by Chloe herself: “Awkward! So now that Lana has powers, she decides what she REALLY wants to do is get back at Lex for, well, everything.

In other news, during the whole charade, the liquified alien remnants of Prof Milton Fine’s spaceship has been enclosed in an air tight capsule for Lex and crew to study.

That is, until the Clark and Lana square off happens and Clark unknowingly smashes the capsule, releasing the being.

It quickly finds itself a new human carrier in the form of a woman doctor, and we’re sure to see this story continue in the coming weeks. #1 Grant deletes all of the Scion files, presumably from Lex’s asking.

Lana haters probably weren’t too thrilled with the concept of this week’s episode and giving her so much face/screen time. Then a storm moves in and they attempt to peace out.

Now, I admit she’s gotten mega-annoying, only to be outplaced by Lois. We start this week with Lana and Clark on a date, riding horses happily together like in the good old days.

Unfortunately, there’s kryptonite nearby and Clark can’t move.

Lana picks it up to throw it far away when lightning strikes.

We know what happens when you’re holding the magic green rock, you’re with Clark and lighting hits you … When a windmill is about to fall onto of Clark, Lana moves in and pushes it up and out of the way.

The look on her face when she realizes what just happened? Then the writers (good luck with the strike, guys) decide to get cheeky and Lana and Clark make sexy time (which, apparently they haven’t done before.

I could have sworn Clark gave in back in season 5 but clearly I’m wrong), causing mini-earthquakes all around Smallville.

Chloe rushes over to the Kent farm to make sure Clark’s OK and finds out the real cause of the shaking.