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Is a new love blossoming between 25-year-old singer Rita Ora and 46-year-old actor Gerard Butler?The latest reports seem to reveal the beginnings of a new romance between the two, and they have apparently already spent the night together!Gerard Butler had been dating interior designer Morgan Brown since May of 2014, but recent rumors said that the two have split.

Ora was most recently known to be dating According to a source, Rita Ora and Gerard Butler shared a romantic evening together, having dinner at a four star hotel in West Hollywood, where Butler paid the bill.

After the dinner, which apparently included wine, the two were seen hugging before allegedly heading off to a private room for a “nightcap.”READ ALSO: Justin Bieber Into Cougars? We can only imagine what the sexy Hollywood stars did behind closed doors, but it seems like Ora and Butler were having a rather romantic evening, one that they didn’t want to end.

Gerard Butler may be 21 years older than Rita Ora, but the actor is considered one of Hollywood’s hunkiest, so no one will blame Ora for going for the older man!

According to the Daily Mail, both stars’ representatives have been contacted about the matter.

Butler’s has not yet responded, while Ora’s declined to comment on the matter.

We all know what that means – ‘no comment’ generally implies there is some truth to what is being said, however scandalous it may seem.

After all, if it was false, it wouldn’t do any harm for them to say so.

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Actor Gerard Butler has accepted an invite to be a female soldier's date to Marine Corps ball in November.