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But after the series was filmed, Bennett claimed to be its sole owner, and that the other women had no rights to the project "whatsoever," according to the lawsuit.

"Upon completion of the project, Bennett claimed that the project was hers alone, and even entered into agreements with various persons and entities regarding the project without authorization from (or even notification to) Blakeman and De Buono," the complaint states.

"Bennett also purportedly gave away partial ownership of the project.

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"As a result of Bennett's misrepresentations and fraud, plaintiffs lost thousands of dollars and their interest in the project," the complaint states.De Buono claims Bennett also falsely accused her of breaking into the home they shared and of stealing Bennett's property, including Bennett's grandmother's ring."Bennett made slanderous statements about De Buono to several individuals associated with the project and with the entertainment industry, including that De Buono had 'stolen' Bennett's grandmother's ring, and that De Buono had 'broke into' [sic] Bennett and De Buono's home and that other items 'went missing,' even though Bennett had illegally locked De Buono out of De Buono and Bennett's home, and De Buono had not stolen any of Bennett's items.Roger Moore's 005th appearance as secret agent 007, James Bond, pits him in a race against the Russians to locate a sunken spy ship that contains an important technological device that, in the wrong hands, could prove costly to the British Navy.LOS ANGELES (CN) - A dispute over rights to an Internet comedy series about a lesbian soccer star who runs a gay bar has led an investor to sue her ex-girlfriend, accusing her of failing to repay "thousands of dollars" and of slandering her by accusing her of jewel theft.

Cathy De Buono and Sarah Blakeman sued Jill Bennett and Red String Productions, in Superior Court.

They claim that Bennett, De Buono's former girlfriend, and Red String reneged on an agreement to repay their investment in "Second Shot," an Internet series about a lesbian soccer star who returns to her home town to run a gay bar.

All three women invested in the project, as Red String Productions, with Blakeman the major investor, according to the complaint.

"Pursuant to the oral agreement entered into by De Buono, Blakeman and Bennett, each one of them owns an equal portion of 50 percent of the project (under Red String), while Blakeman alone owns the remaining 50 percent as the major investor on the project.

De Buono, Blakeman and Bennett agreed that Blakeman would be the first to be repaid, plus 20 percent.

There are no other owners of the project," the complaint states.