Who is julia roberts dating 2016

Of course the couple is over-the-moon about the new addition to their fam, which has resulted in the couple being more lovey dovey than ever. Julia is, after all, 48 years old, but despite her age it’s still not impossible for the star to be pregnant.

And while her alleged pregnancy seemed to come out of nowhere, it’s supposedly doing wonders for her marriage to Danny Moder, 47. “She and Danny must be taking it as a sign that they were meant to save their marriage.” And talk about one heck of a sign!

And since the once-estranged married couple are now doing better than ever, a surprise pregnancy could be exactly what the couple needed to rekindle their love.

“She can be extremely difficult to live with: She loses her temper easily and lashes out when she’s hurt.” But somehow, the alleged news of Julia’s pregnancy have changed the entire dynamic between Julia and Danny — for the better!

“He’s been waiting on Julia hand and foot,” the insider revealed.

“You wouldn’t believe this is the same couple they were even two months ago! And while we’re so happy for Julia and Danny reconnecting, we’re not entirely convinced yet that it’s because Julia’s pregnant. , friends says she’s focused for now on staying healthy and stress-free in order to ensure her baby stays healthy as well.

“I’m sure she must be nervous about having a baby at her age, and she’s careful to do everything her doctor tells her.” Pregnant or not, we still wish Julia and Danny all the best!

Tell us, Hollywood Lifers: do YOU think Julia is actually pregnant?

Both Roberts and Hines were introduced through their mutual friend, fashion designer Brit Elkin, reports uk."Chris is one of the most understanding and laid-back guys.

They've been dating for a little under a month,” a source told Us magazine.

The 25-year-old actress isn't afraid to show off her new man in public as they were spotted holding hands while wandering around the streets of London earlier this week.

Roberts, who is the niece of Julia Roberts, began dating Peters in 2012 after they met on the set of their film “Adult World”.

-- out May 13 -- and Roberts dished on how Clooney has changed since settling down with the glamorous 38-year-old human rights lawyer.

"Our lives have expanded, though in a beautiful way," Roberts, 48, told ET about what it's like working with Clooney again since 2004's .