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Animal Rearing Arranged Marriage Beast Companions Cheats Clan Building Cooking Cultivation Domestic Affairs Farming Game Elements Gods Interspatial Storage Kingdom Building Magic Naive Male Lead Necromancer Nobles Politics Polygamy Servants Slaves Slow Romance Transported to Another World Unique Cultivation Technique Wars Weak to Strong Zombies A series about a man who awakens in a strange land to find himself in the body of a complete waste of human life.

He has to try to help rebuild a family that has fallen to only himself and his few retainers.

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He’s got the ability to enter a world that is basically a farming simulation game, except all of the food is usable in the outside world.

For someone stuck in a wasteland, only this cheat will help him survive and move forward in this unfamiliar world along with his few loyal retainers as he tries to rebuild a fallen family.

Farming, selling crops, trying to find a way forward with a body that’s crippled.

Follow the journey of Zhao Hai as he lives his life in a magical world filled with intrigue, farming, business, more farming, and other exciting non farming things, followed by farming and cultivation. My personal opinion is that no LN should be this long.

Its just gonna get repetitive with stereotypical characters appearing in different forms..... And in my opinion the novelty value of this new theme OP farming power wears off rather quickly.

By chapter 80 it did not excite me anymore on how this farming power will evolve.But I guess its gonna be something off the charts in future (become too OP). This LN has probably the thickest plot armor I have seen in LN since I started reading LN.The whole world building is done by author in such a way that the MCs OP farming power in secular & CULTIVATION (later on in the story) world looks relevant. I have read spoliers for later chapters till chap 1000.Let me tell u this the MCs farming power basically becomes tooooooo OP and its like one stop solution to all matters.There is not much subtle politics involved like Chu wang fei or nor is there an intricate overarching story here like transcending nine heavens.You would think that in the world where MC cannot cultivate and pretty much every other fucker out there including kids in teens are more powerful then him he would act more humbly or be more cunning in his actions but NO. By later chapters MC just becomes a tyrant MC like usual xianxias such as ATG or MGA.